From the Author, MH Murphy

 The Ashes of War, begins on the twenty-eighth day of April 1975, just as the great city of Sai Gon and the Republic of Viet Nam were taking their last breaths of freedom. My book then walks its readers through the surrender two days later, and on through the next seven years of hardships and changes endured by the South Vietnamese people.
Uniquely written entirely through Vietnamese eyes, The Ashes of War chronicles the plight of the South Vietnamese people at the end of and after the Viet Nam War evoking strong feelings and emotions as its readers empathize with individual characters who share their personal stories.
The Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Viet Nam enacted new rules, laws, and policies created to “target” the South Vietnamese. This touched off an exodus like no other in history. Over the next two decades, more than two million Vietnamese fled their homeland. Some fled overland but most fled in boats of every kind and size regardless of its condition. This created the greatest humanitarian crisis in human history, and a new term was coined and recognized all over the world, “Boat People.”
The Ashes of War shares the poignant stories of people who fled their beloved country as boat people, those who escaped overland, and most importantly, what happened to the people who stayed behind and attempted to create a new life in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
The Ashes of War are the millions of South Vietnamese people, whose lives were irrevocably changed by the coming and passing of a single major event in their history, the surrender of their country to its mortal enemies, North Viet Nam and the Viet Cong, on the thirtieth day of April 1975.